Strive to create the future, work hard to lift dreams

2022/06/08 16:48

Wang Huizhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Gaotang County CPC Committee and deputy county governor, investigated the promotion of the listing of Jiulu shares

? ? ? On June 6, 2022, Wang Huizhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Gaotang County CPC Committee and deputy county governor, and Yang Lili, director of the Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, visited jiulu joint stock research company to promote the listing of the company.


Wang Huizhong listened to the introduction of Chairman Chen Jinshui and fully understood the promotion and operation of the listing of enterprises under the repeated epidemics.

Since the launch of the listing work, Jiulu Co., Ltd. has continuously optimized the corporate governance structure under the guidance of securities companies, improved the internal control system, and achieved healthy development under strict legal compliance operation. At the same time, we will strengthen the shaping of industrial structure and create a new pattern of high-end manufacturing development of "intelligent parking + industrial intelligent warehousing" intelligent equipment and "double aircraft carriers". Under the situation of uncertainty, it is expected that the operating income in 2022 will achieve a counter-trend growth of more than 40% compared with 2021.


? ?? ? Wang Huizhong said that as a listed reserve enterprise in Shandong Province and a state-level specialized new key "little giant" enterprise, the county party committee and county government will continue to strengthen the support and services for key enterprises to be listed. Adopt the working methods of "one enterprise, one policy" and "one matter and one discussion", focus on solving the difficulties existing in the process of listing enterprises, and clear obstacles for enterprises to list.


Gaotang County Government Affairs Service Center Intelligent Three-dimensional Parking Lot (Under Inspection)

? ?? ? Strive to create the future, and work hard to support dreams. Focusing on the in-depth implementation of the strategy of strengthening the manufacturing industry and promoting the high-end, intelligent and green transformation of traditional industries, Jiulu Shares will actively cultivate new high-end equipment manufacturing industries and continuously enhance the new momentum of development. Accelerate innovation breakthroughs in key areas, seize the new track of digital empowerment, fully stimulate the vitality of reform and development, and make due contributions to the construction of a new Gaotang that accelerates its rise.