Production Ability
36,000 square meters modern manufacturing workshop  20+ digital finishing equipment  2+2 Intelligent Manufacturing Line
Innovation Strength
As one of the listed enterprises in Shandong Province, Jiulu shares adhere to the path of professional, refined, distinctive and innovative development, insist on professional focus, insist on innovation and creation, insist on excellence, insist on excellent and special leadership
National special special special "little giant" "enterprise."
2021 won the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology specializes in the new "small giant" enterprises
China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award
2019 Won the third prize of Science and Technology of China's Machinery Industry
First prize in machinery industry science and technology in Shandong Province
2019 Won the first prize of mechanical industry science in Shandong Province
Six technical barriers Redefining vertical loops Redefining market perceptions
1, random mobile charging technology 2, 360 degrees rotating car disc technology 3, intelligent security anti-opening anti-scratch technology 4, safe full power-off manual access car technology 5, intelligent operation of terminal equipment 6, "twisted arm- double closed ring anti-swing high-speed vertical cycle three-dimensional garage
Panel of Experts
Ph.D. Group
A team of engineers
brand is a differentiated symbol, which represents a kind of values, beliefs and lifestyles. "Jiulu shares" integrates customers and partners who have similar and same values, beliefs and lifestyles through brand appeal. Together, it will bring the company a competitive advantage, and even an international competitive advantage, and create the social value of "Nine Passers" together.